ShipCraft 28, British Escort Destroyers

...from Pen & Sword

Title: ShipCraft 28, British Escort Destroyers
Author: Les Brown
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 978-1-3990-8175-7

We get to number 28 in this series of books aimed especially at ship modellers, and this time the subject is British Escort Destroyers of WW2. A 64-page card-cover book with a mix of information on the real thing as well as an interesting variety of models.
The first 16 pages are devoted to the Design & Construction of the various classes of Destroyer that served with the Royal Navy during WW2, and does include the old V & W Class ships that were 'loaned' to us by the USA. That's followed by no less that another 32-pages listing a lot of different model/accessory manufacturers, including a number I had not come across before. Models come in plastic, resin, metal, 3D printing and card, while accessories also include 3D prints and etched brass. All in a wide mix of scales, though 1/700 does feature prominently. This in turn is followed by another 11-pages of Modellers' Showcase, with 10 superb builds. Next is a section on Camouflage, which has 4-pages of full colour profiles, illustrating some nice camouflage patterns, so different to just plain overall grey. This also has additional pages with notes and archive images. The final section has notes on the various Modifications made to various ships and 7 pages of line drawings showing a good variety of the different destroyer types.
Overall this is another excellent addition to the ShipCraft series. I enjoy building the occasional model warship and have a few destroyers. Not only did I find plenty of inspiration in here but a number of model producers that I wasn't aware of before. There is also a bibliography at the back, which provides plenty of good reference books, along with a list of useful website. Another very nice addition to the series.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.