...The M4 Tank in WW2, a Casemate Illustrated Special

Title: Sherman
Author: Michel Esteve
Publisher: Casemate Books
ISBN: 978-1-61200-739-7

This new Casemate Illustrated Special is just that, special. One of the most popular modelling subjects and the tank that attracts regular questions and requests for help in identifying which of the many variations are seen in so many archive photographs. First published in French back in 2018 by French publisher Edition Heimdal, now in co-operation with Casemate it is published in English. A 240-page hardback book with 360 archive images, along with even more diagrams and super artwork.
There is just so much helpful detail in here that it is difficult to try and tell you everything you'll find. Divided into 13 chapters, it goes into the details of the Sherman section by section and more than that. Naturally it starts with the background and how it came to be called Sherman, after the Civil War General, then more on the Production; The Chassis; Turrets; Armament & Ammunition; and The Sherman Crew. So there are images and artwork to identify the various engine decks, running gear, turrets and so on. Then it expands the subject even more, with Evolution of the Sherman; The Sherman Family; Logistics, Supply & Backup; Numbering & Markings; Unit Composition & Organisation; The Success of the Sherman and finally The Sherman Since 1945. In these sections you can find recovery vehicles, marking for units which operated the Sherman, including US, British, French and others. The chassis also is the basis for many other types, such as the M7 Priest and the various Israeli conversions after the war. All supported with archive photos plus some lovely clear artwork with unit markings and organisation structures all made clear. There are even pictures of the various dummies that were used to fool enemy reconnaissance.
So this new hardback, while not cheap with a listed price of £39.99, is set to be very successful and I would suggest this will not just sell well, but should be on the bookshelf of any Sherman historian/fan/modeller. I class this as really good value for money, so highly recommended.
Thanks to Casemate Books for our review copy.