Sdkfz 7 Vol2

...Number 17 in the Camera On series from MMP Books

Title: Sdkfz 7 Vol.2
Author: Alan Ranger
Publisher: MMP Books
ISBN: 978-83-65958-52-5

Number 17 in the Camera On series from MMP Books, more from the collection of archive images from Alan Ranger. It also makes for the second volume to cover the popular subject of the 8ton Sdkfz 7 half-track. An 80-page softcover book.
It starts with a couple of pages of background text and then the rest is split into 5 sections of marvellous archive images, all with helpful and informative captions. The first section is the largest of them, covering the basic artillery tractor and seen with a wide variety of trailers/artillery pieces that will fascinate historians and modellers alike I think. Too many to list but various artillery pieces, not just the famous 88mm Flak, but the SdAnh 115 tank transporter trailer with some varied loads. There is also a one-off field conversion where a unit has fitted some armour panels around the front of the vehicle, a tempting model conversion. Many also have other vehicles in the background, for example a Bedford MW in Russia, towing a 37mm Pak 36. Then the Sdkfz 7 with 2cm Flakvierling 36, the Sdkfz 7 with the 3.7cm Flak 36, the specialised armoured cab of the Sdkfz 7 mit gepanzertem Aufbau and just one final page on the late version Sdkfz 7 mit Holzpritsche.
A collection of largely unknown photos and some which will be of special interest to modellers. There are a number of excellent 1/35 kits on the market of most of these now, plus new kits such as the SdAnh 115 from Das Werk. The photos include not just plenty of detail of the vehicles in action, but various combinations which offer some great potential dioramas. For modellers, this I believe is one of the best of the series so far. Definitely recommended.
Thanks to MMP Books for our review copy.