...TopDrawings 89 from Kagero, via Casemate

Title: S.E.5a
Author: Maciej Noszczak
Publisher: Kagero
ISBN: 978-83-66148-76-5

A 20-page softcover book in Kagero's TopDrawings series, and another very neatly presented reference.
It follows the standard layout of these books, opening with a page of basic background history on the type, prented in both English and Polish languages. Then it goes into a series of 1/48 scale line drawings showing a number of variations on this British WW1 fighter. They include early and late production variants, a two seat trainer and even an Australian version. Dotted among the scale drawings are some particular details shown in the larger 1/24 scale as well. The 4 centre pages, along with the back cover hold some fine colour profiles, all of which will temot many modellers I am sure. THe last two pages in the book have some old black and white reference pictured of the real thing, and agains with dual language captions.
Tucked into the centre of the book are two additional loose pages, which have coloured plans that include the internal cockput detailing. Another nicely presented set of drawings from Kagero.
Thanks to the UK distributer, Casemate Books.