Riverine Craft of the Vietnam Wars

...Ship Craft 26, from Pen & Sword

Title: Riverine Craft of the Vietnam Wars
Author: Roger Branfill-Cook
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 978-1-5267-4906-2

Number 26 in the Ship Craft series takes on one of my particular interests, the use of Riverine Craft in Vietnam. It is notable for covering both the major periods/elements of the story, starting with the French involvement in what was Indo-China to them, and later the Americans in what we know as Vietnam. A 64-page softcover book, divided into 5 main sections, plus an Introduction and a final list of references.
The first section looks at the varied types of craft used by the French, many of which involved WW2 era equipment, such as the LVT 4 Buffalo, which the French knew as the Alligator, along with assorted Landing Craft conversions, based on such as the LCVP, LCA, LCM 3 and the larger LCI(L). The details and archive photos are accompanied by a number of useful plans as well. This is followed by a good list of Model Products, featuring models available in a variety of scales. This in turn is followed by a Modellers Showcase, featuring colour pictures of a good variety of well built models, in assorted scales. That leads into more details of the real things, starting with South Vietnamese equipment and rounded off with the various types used by the American forces in the Mekong Delta. Another mix of vessels, including such as the PBR, Swift Boat and Monitors. An interesting element of the Vietnam War, one where my friend Dave served 2 tours on a flamethrower armed Monitor, a 'Zippo'.
An interesting selection of well finished models and a good survey of the various types of equipment used in the region over the years. Plenty of inspiration for modellers in here, and interesting for anyone wanting to find out more about the Riverine equipment used in Vietnam over the years.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for our example.