Polish Wings 30: Supermarine Spitfire V, Volume 2

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Title: Polish Wings 30: Supermarine Spitfire V, Vol.2
Author: Wojtek Matusiak
Publisher: MMP
ISBN: 978-83-66549-30-2

We have reached number 30 in the Polish Wings series from MMP, and this gives us the second volume giving a detailed coverage of Polish pilots flying the Spitfire V in RAF service during WW2.
A 96-page softcover book, it is packed with a host of archive images and first-class colour profiles. It carries on the story from volume 1, this time covering the stories of 315 Sqn 'Deblin', 316 Sqn 'City of Warsaw', 317 Sqn 'City of Wilno'. As well as the total of 7 Polish Air Force squadrons, there were other Polish pilots flying in regular RAF units, and these are also featured. Added to this there were non-operational units with Polish airmen, such as some training units. In addition to the units based in the UK, there were others in the Mediterranean, such as Skalski's Circus and 316 Sqn 'City of Gdansk'. It is worth adding that in addition to the basic text, the very full and detailed captions to the 267 images which tell us more about the individual aircraft, the units and where they were based, plus a lot of detail on the pilots who feature in many of the pictures. The book closes with 5pages of a table that records all the Polish Spitfire V Losses.
A beautifully presented book, packed with information about Polish units and personnel flying in the RAF during WW2. The historian will enjoy it, and so will the aircraft modeller who will find a goldmine of detail references and diorama inspiration among both the photos and the profile artwork. Recommended for any Spitfire fan.
Thanks to MMP Books for our review copy.