Panzerwaffe on the Battlefield 3

...from PeKo Publishing

Title: Panzerwaffe on the Battlefield 3
Author: Peter Barnaky
Publisher: PeKo
ISBN: 978-615-5583-67-4

While this is the third title devoted to the Panzerwaffe generally, it is also the 23rd of these 'On the Battlefield' books from Hungarian based PeKo publishing. About 100 pages filled with another marvellous collection of archive images, presented in a landscape format hard-cover book.
Each photo fills a page so there is lots of detail to be seen in the nice clear images and all have captions provided in both Hungarian and English throughout the book. They begin with the Panzer I and then work through the Panzers II, III, IV, V (Panther) and VI (Tiger I), though no Tiger IIs in this instance. Also included are Pz 48(t), Stug IIIs, various Panzerjager, armoured cars and half-tracks. Some of the vehicles are shown destroyed, some in use and others at collection points or in workshops. They span the war, some from the early campaign in France and others at the end of the war, so a broad mix. As well as the main vehicle subject in each image, most also have additional equipment featured in the pictures, such as tank transporter trailers for example.
There are hundreds of thousands of archive photos from WW2, but it still surprises me how new collections are still being presented, as I can't recall seeing any of these images before. For WW2 armour enthusiasts, and modellers especially, this is another book from PeKo that I think you will enjoy. Firmly recommended.
Thanks to PeKo for our review copy.