Panzergrenadiers 1942-1945

...a new Images of War book from Pen & Sword

Title: Panzergrenadiers 1942-1945
Author: Ian Baxter
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 978-1-39900-374-2

Author Ian Baxter has added another of his titles to the ever growing Images of War series from Pen & Sword. In this one he takes on the subject of the Panzergrenadier of WW2. It was experience from the opening stages of the war that Germany realised the need to use well armed infantry units to accompany the striking power of their Panzer units. It wasn't until 1942 when the Panzergrenadiers first came into being. A 128-page soft-cover book, packed with archive images.
Following the Introduction, the book is split across 4 chapters, from the Birth of the Panzergrenadiers, through 1943, 1944 and ending with 1945-The Last Months. Each chapter open with a few pages of text that sets the scene for each year, then accompanied by a fine collection of appropriate images, all with helpful captions to help tell the story. The book is rounded off with 3 useful appendices of extra detail, a list of Heer (Army) and Luftwaffe Panzergrenadier units; the Reorganisation of Panzergrenadier Divisions in 1944; and finally a list of equipment issued to the individual elements of the Panzergrenadier Battalion, 1945.
The selection of archive images is of course the heart of the book, and it has a good balance of clear images of the men in these units, and their equipment. A few photos will be familiar to many, but most I had not seen before. An interesting mix among the images, especially in Russia, from the hot summer on the Steppe, to the deep snow, mud and winter white uniforms and vehicle camouflage. Among them are 2 or 3 showing the rare Ausf A version of the Sdkfz 251, with the extra vision blocks down the sides of the crew compartment, not seen on later versions. There are also a lot that show a number of AFVs carrying a large number of Tank Riders, which should offer lots of ideas for modellers especially. Another good addition to the series from Ian Baxter.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.