Panther Medium Tank, TankCraft 32

...IV.SS-Panzerkorps, Eastern Front, 1944, from Pen & Sword

Title: Panther Medium Tank, TankCraft 32
Author: Dennis Oliver
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 978-1-52679-126-9

This recent addition to the TankCraft series focusses on IV SS-Panzerkorps on the Eastern Front, 1944. It isn't the first in the series taking the Panther as a subject, but as acknowledged by Dennis in his introduction, rather than repeat things in the earlier book, he has expanded other elements rather than duplicate what has gone before.
The book does follow the basic structure that has been established in the TankCraft series though with a narrow topic this time by looking at IV.SS Panzerkorps on the Eastern Front in the year of 1944. That specifically includes both Totenkopf and Wiking SS Panzer Division. Following the Introduction and a handy map of the Eastern Front and then 5 pages which give a chronology of the main events between January and December 1944. There are details of the actions that the units were involved in and where, it includes the organisation charts of the Panzer Abteilungs for both divisions and plenty of archive images to accompany the main text. Camouflage & Markings are covered in 10 pages of excellent colour profiles, each with accompanying notes. The expanded Modellers Showcase features a 1/35 Panther A by Kevin D Potts, then both a Panther Ausf A and an early Bergepanther Ausf D by Theodoros Kalamatas and rounding off the showcase with an Ausf A by Stanislav Noskovic, all very well finished models. With the expanded showcase section, the Model Products section has been reduced a little as much was included in the earlier title. There are kits from various manufacturers in 1/35, 1/56 and 1/72 all included, along with etch and metal accessory products. The last part of the book is devoted to Technical Details & Modifications, which has more detailed archive photos and a nice clear description of how and when Zimmerit paste was applied.
This is another very nicely presented book in the TankCraft series from author Dennis Oliver and one that is primarily aimed at modellers, with the additional context of the historical story of these two SS Panzer Divisions in 1944. A deservedly popular book series and this is another good addition to their list, on this occasion with a very specific focus.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.