Painting Wargaming Figures, Axis Forces on the Eastern Front

...from Pen & Sword

Title: Painting Wargaming Figures, Axis Forces on the Eastern Front
Author: Andy Singleton
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 978-1-52676-560-4

A new title in their series of Painting Wargames Figures from Pen & Sword and author Andy Singleton, now a full-time professional wargames figure painter. As the title says, it focuses on painting Eastern Front wargaming figures in a 134-page soft-cover book.
The topic is spread over 9 chapters, starting with a nice clear element on the basic modelling tools, along with some modelling tips which includes valuable notes on care of paint brushes. Then, using some simple 20mm scale figures, we have a very clear guide to painting a whole series of different uniforms. Not only the simple Wehrmacht Field Grey, but also their winter and camouflage uniforms, before detailing how to paint various Waffen-SS camouflage patterns. These are all clear candidates from the war on the Eastern Front, but is also adds chapters on Italian, Romanian, Hungarian and Finnish uniforms & Equipment as their troops also took part in the war on the Eastern front. The final two chapters talk us through painting Skin tones and also basing figures for wargames use.
I have been modelling, particularly in small scale, for over 50 years but I am always looking to learn new ideas and there are plenty of useful tips and techniques in here that I will certainly be trying out. I like this one, and especially for wargamers wanting to paint a collection of figures en masse, then this is a very useful reference to have on your reference bookshelf.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.