Pacific Profiles Volume 1

...Japanese Army Fighters, South Pacific, 1942-1945, from Claringbould Books

Title: Pacific Profiles Volume 1
Author: Michael John Claringbould
Publisher: Claringbould
ISBN: 978-0-6486659-1-5

Another excellent little book from author Michael Claringbould. In the first of a planned series he provides an accurate set of details and colour profiles of WW2 Japanese aircraft.
In this case the book covers the various aircraft types used by the Japanese Army Air Force fighter units that were operating in the regions of New Guinea and the Solomons 1942-1944. That means it includes each of the 11 fighter regiments which made up the 4th Air Army. After the introduction the rest of this 104-page softcover book is divided into 16 chapters. These deal with an Overview of the JAAF in the South Pacific, Technical Details of the various fighters they operated, then Notes on Markings before getting into 1 chapter each devoted to the 11 different regiments, of Hiko Sentai. Things are then rounded off with a piece on Captured & Restored airframes, plus a short Postscript. Throughout the book, each unit is accompanied by background text, some archive photos and the first class colour artwork profiles. With information taken from what surviving Japanese documentation could be found, plus Allied intelligence reports and post-war investigation of surviving wrecks.
Some lovely artwork accompanying the rest of this useful reference, good for aviation historians and just perfect for the aircraft modeller who likes Pacific War subjects. Excellent.
Thanks to Casemate, the UK distributor, for our review copy.