North American Aviation P-51D/K Mustang Rediscovered

...including F-6 D/K, from MMP Books

Title: North American Aviation P-51D/K Mustang Rediscovered
Author: Robert Peczkowski
Publisher: MMP Books
ISBN: 978-1-52675-724-1

This new Yellow Series 288-page soft-cover book from MMP is a revised and expanded version of one of their earlier titles, tackling the bubble canopied versions of the Mustang. Thanks to the emergence of new information, this sees additional material, some additional scale plans as well as some detail revisions to earlier drawings.
Spread across 8 main sections, and one of these, Production, is sub-divided over no less than 13 sub-sections. It covers the history of the type from the prototype through the production life of the later versions of the Mustang, and gives the detail of the many tiny changes that were made over time, including post-production. It also goes from the designation of P-51, where P stood for Pursuit, to 1948 when the USAF changed it to an F designation, for Fighter. Even with WW2 over the Mustang was still in use in Korea and sold to plenty of foreign air forces, and these are also listed in the book. It also includes the smaller numbers of Cavalier Mustang conversions. Technical details has a separate section, and this deals with detail of the instrument panel and cockpit controls, bomb racks & sway arms, engine, propellers plus the fuel and electrical systems, undercarriage and more. Heavily illustrated throughout there are lots of archive images, some showing great detail that modellers will love, drawings from original aircraft manuals/parts catalogues, some colour images that include detail on surviving museum exhibits. If that wasn't enough, there are also plenty of 1/48 scale plans of different variants spread throughout the book along with some very fine colour artwork.
Another excellent addition to the Yellow Series of books from MMP and with a level of detail on the famous American Mustang that makes it a goldmine for modellers and aviation historians/enthusiasts I think, a first-class update.
Thanks to MMP Books for our review copy.