Naval Ship Models of World War II, in 1/1250 & 1/1200 scale

...from Seaforth Publishing

Title: Naval Ship Models of World War II, in 1/1250 and 1/1200 scale
Author: Robert K Liu
Publisher: Seaforth Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-5267-9391-1

I have been a modeller for almost 60 years and while I have never personally been into ship models in these scales, this new book could easily get me into them. My copy is the 160-page hardback version, though it is also available in other formats. Building and painting the basic models, in a mix of materials, as well as enhancements, conversions and scratchbuilding your own are all included.
The author is a long term collector of 1/1250 scale model ships, many of which feature in the book. The Introduction sets the scene, with detail such as the original use of models in this scale by the real military, with some examples of Japanese wartime ID recognition models still in existence. Then a natural chapter to introduce the materials, tools and techniques used in working on models in this scale, before moving into the heart of the book. It spreads out over a total of 25 chapters, as well as useful references and bibliography at the end. The chapters are broken down into a wide variety of different vessels. Examples include classes of ship, such as CAM ships (Catapult Armed Merchantmen), AA Vessels, Destroyers, US & Japanese Landing Craft, Cruisers and Aircraft Carriers. Others cover more specific subjects, such as Surcouf & I-400 Class submarines, the French battleship Jean Bart, the Jervis Bay AMC (Armed Merchant Cruiser), and an Italian armed schooner. Other interesting topics include Allied & Axis aircraft, Convoy Rescue Ships and even the small Japanese Picket Boats and Sea Trucks. Everything is highly illustrated from start to finish, and good quality images.
A modelling scale I haven't really explored over the years, but in reading this it is one which I for one have found very tempting to want to try. A wide range of different warships, not just the glamourous battleships and aircraft carriers, but also the less well known types, in all shapes and sizes. All accompanied with some excellent modelling tips and techniques along with some colour schemes that make many look more interesting than just a plain single colour grey. Lovely book, and one I'm happy to recommend for modellers and naval wargamers especially.
Thanks to Seaforth Publishing and Pen & Sword for this review copy.