Modelling US WWII Armoured Fighting Vehicles

...from Crowood Press

Title: Modelling US WWII Armoured Fighting Vehicles
Author: Tom Cole
Publisher: Crowood Press
ISBN: 978-0-71984-027-2

A new addition to the series of modelling books from Crowood Press, and a second from author Tom Cole, adding to his earlier book on British WWII armoured Vehicles. A 175-page soft-cover book packed with some fine models and great tips from Tom, who is like me, a member of MAFVA (Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association), a modelling group now in its' 57th year.
The book opens with an introduction and some notes about choosing your preferred scale for your models, and considers the various interests, from being wargamers or model collectors looking for a more detailed result. It also makes clear that the book is focussed on smaller scale models, either in 1/72 (or 1/76) and 1/48 (or 1/56). Other than mentioning them in the opening piece on scales, it doesn't feature larger scale models such as 1/35 or 1/16. Then we come to a chapter which looks are the background of the real thing, and the history of the various types of AFV that the USA used during WW2, which are reflected in the various chapters which follow. Starting the journey into the modelling, there are chapters covering Building Model Kits, Painting the Model (with separate notes on painting wargames models) plus Dioramas and Scenic Bases. Then the rest of the book gets into the meat of the subject, with separate chapters covering Light, Medium and Heavy tanks, plus Tank Destroyers, Howitzers and Motor Gun Carriages, Half-Tracks and Multi-gun Motor Carriages and finally a chapter to pull together various other US AFVs which fall outside the main categories. Each chapter lists all the appropriate vehicles that were used, and selected ones then feature with some very well built models. Lots of good clear photos throughout the book.
There is some great material, hints and tips in here, which I think will help both beginner and experienced modeller alike. Tom is a very capable modeller and he demonstrates his skill very well in his models. Some are built straight from a kit, others include conversions with resin conversion parts, others with scratchbuilt elements using plastic car, and he has also included the most recent development, 3D printing for conversion parts, such as the big turret for the T31 Demolition tank which is featured in the final chapter. Recommended without any hesitation.
Thanks to Crowood Press for our review copy.