Modelling Naval Ships in Small Scales

...from Crowood Press

Title: Modelling Naval Ships in Small Scales
Author: Mike McCabe
Publisher: Crowood Press
ISBN: 978-1-78500-850-4

A new addition to the series of modelling guides from Crowood Press is this super new guide to making naval models, particularly in the smaller scales of 1/700 and 1/350. Author Mike McCabe is the owner of Starling Models, who produce their own range of resin model ships and took over the old White Ensign range of models and accessories, as well as being the importer for a number of other ranges of model ships. As seen in this new book, he is also a very talented modeller himself. The basics of the book are that it fills 143-pages and is in a soft-cover format, well illustrated throughout.
The Introduction leads into 11 chapters, covering Where to Start, which looks at all the options in terms of scale, different materials (plastic or resin), accessories etc. Next it goes through the variety of Tools & Equipment to have on hand before tackling Where to Start, building a plastic kit straight from the box, and this uses the Dragon Models kit of the modern Type 45 RN Destroyer, HMS Daring. Then there is Taking it Further, and improving the 1/700 USS Wasp, a WW2 era aircraft carrier by Aoshima. This includes replacing elements with etch brass detail and using one of the modern laser cut wood flight decks. This in turn is followed by a chapter looking at Working with Resin and an appropriate note on Health & Safety when working with this material, before going on to building a Starling Models 1/350 kit of the River class frigate HMS Nadder. Chapter 7 gets round to Painting & Weathering, before 2 I was especially interested to read, on Masts & Rigging and creating Water Bases. Plenty of tips here I hadn't known about before, including how to make good use of cotton wool and even toilet paper!. Getting towards the end, Advanced Modelling uses an Academy 1/350 model of the Graf Spee, adding a lot more etch brass, and then rounding everything off with a chapter on Display & Photography, some very useful notes, nice and clearly explained.
While I have concentrated on modelling military vehicles and aircraft in over 55 years of modelling, I have always built the occasional ship, especially in 1/700. So while I am familiar with many aspects of modelling, I found a lot of useful tips and ideas in here which I hadn't known or thought of before, so whether you are a beginner or more experienced naval ship modeller, there is plenty to learn in here. Very happy to recommend this one.
Thanks to Crowood Press for this review copy.