Modelling & Painting WWII US Figures & Vehicles

...from Crowood Press

Title: Modelling & Painting WWII US Figures & Vehicles
Author: Ray Haskins
Publisher: Crowood Press
ISBN: 978-1-78500-715-6

Adding to the range of modelling titles from Crowood Press we get to the topic of US forces in WW2, featuring both wargaming figures and equipment. A 128-page soft-cover book.
It opens with a brief chapter on Tools & Materials which introduces them, though they feature again throughout the book as the author mentions more specific items amidst his explanations for painting an finishing the assorted figures and vehicles. I was quite taken with the way the rest is arranged, taking us through the various theatres of war where US ground forces were involved in a chronological sequence. This sequence starts with The Pacific, 1941-45, and then on through North Africa & the Torch Landings: Sicily & Italy 1943-45: Normandy: The Seine to the Bulge, 25 August 1944 to January 1945: The End of the War in Europe, March-May 1945 leaving the book to be rounded off with tips about Working with Soft Plastic Soldiers & Basing Figures. There is a good mix of individual subjects, including 20mm, 28mm, 54mm. Each chapters starts with some historical background and sets the context for the models with follow. Largely aimed at the wargamer, the figures each have a detailed step by step guide to painting them, not just the sequence to follow but even the colours and, where appropriate, the mixes used for shadows and highlights. With the vehicles there are resin, plastic and metal models all featured, and again all with step by step construction sequences. Some are more detailed models than others and these are simpler wargames models but with a little care, some conversion potential and adding some stowage, they still look good. That final chapter includes some useful guidance on painting soft plastic figures and on basing models for use on a wargames table.
Lots of useful hints and tips in here and a good reference for whichever theatre of operations you are interested in. A very useful book for modellers and wargamers alike.
Thanks to Crowood Press for my review copy.