Mitsubishi A6M5 Model 52 Zero

...Single No.21, from MMP Books

Title: Mitsubishi A6M5 Model 52 Zero
Author: Dariusz Karnas & Zygmunt Szeremeta
Publisher: MMP Books
ISBN: 978-83-65958-95-2

The Single series of soft-cover books from MMP reaches number 21, and for the subject, perhaps one of the most famous aircraft of WW2, the Japanese Zero fighter.
The 24 pages follow the basic format for this series, starting with scale drawings of the A6M5 in both 1/72 and then 1/48 scales. These are followed by a section of photos, a mixture of archive images plus some preserved examples which show us the various details of the airframe. For the final 4 pages, colour artwork showing a detailed picture of the instrument panel, along with colour artwork of a Nakajima built airframe which belonged to the 261st Kokutai, as it was captured on Saipan in 1944.
This is a handy reference for modellers in particular, and an aircraft for which there is a wide selection of available kits so you can add that extra level of detail.
Thanks to MMP Books for our copy.