Lublin R-XIII, Monograph 71

...Army Cooperation Plane, from Kagero

Title: Lublin R-XIII
Author: Andrzej Glass
Publisher: Kagero
ISBN: 978-83-66148-31-4

Monograph 71 from Kagero provides a very detailed look at the Polish Lublin R-XIII Army Cooperation Plane. As usual with this series, a soft-cover book, in this case with 135-pages packed with a great mix of reference material.
The first 85-pages holds the text and extensive collection of archive images that tell the story of the creation of the business in 1899 of a business that was to eventually turn into the Lublin Aircraft factory. Having been building other company designs under licence during WW1 and beyond, eventually the Lublin factory turned to one of their own Polish designs, an Army Cooperation aircraft, so essentially an observation machine which for its' time was still fairly unusual.
As well as the history of the company, there is the detailed history of the development of the R-XIII and then its' service with the Polish military during the 1930s and then their fate when war engulfed them in 1939, all with plenty of archive photos. It includes notes on the various units they served with, plus camouflage & markings and the designer, Jerzy Rudlicki. There are examples of them with either floats or a wheeled undercarriage. Most recently, there is a modern replica which started in 2013, of an R-XIIIG. This is followed by a series of detailed drawings which have been taken from old manuals, and these in turn lead into a 27-sheet selection of scale plans of the assorted variants in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scales. These are accompanied by 3 larger fold-out sheets of 1/32 plans which are tucked into the book. The last element of the book has 11-pages with modern colour 3D graphics, details, cutaways and colour profiles.
Another excellent Monograph from Kagero, which should interest the aviation historian and modeller alike. An interesting looking aircraft, and while not as 'glamorous' as the likes of the fighters from the WW2 era, this one is fascinating for providing detail coverage of a Polish aircraft, and the company behind it, which is less well known. Another fine addition to Kagero's series of Monographs.
Thanks to Casemate Books for our review copy, who are the distributors for this Kagero series.