Lifecolor Painting Guide Vol.3

...from Mr Black Publications, via The Airbrush Company

Title: Lifecolor Painting Guide Vol.3
Author: Various
Publisher: Mr Black Publications
ISSN: 2732-9224

A Scale Model Handbook, this is the third volume from Mr Black Publications which has been done in conjunction with the makers of Lifecolor acrylic paints. This new one has also been released at the same time as one of their new paint sets, which has been used in one of the featured articles in this 34-page soft-cover book.
There are three well detailed features in this one, and covering 3 very different subjects. The first, by Martin Hughes, demonstrates how he applied an interesting one-colour dunkelgelb finish to the HobbyBoss 1.35 kit of the late war experimental VK1602 Leopard light tank, pre-shading and a modulated single colour finish. That is followed by a feature on how to paint a worn wood finish on a laser-cut WW2 era Soviet wooden house. This one makes extensive use of the Lifecolor sets for Weathered Wood and White Wood shades. Then the final feature is a Nutsplanet 1/10 bust of a German DAK soldier, complete with a chameleon on his sun-helmet. It is also featured on the box art for the latest Lifecolor paint set for DAK colours. Painted by Christos Katselos the notes in here, especially on painting faces I thought, will prove popular.
All three features are well explained, stp-by-step in the text, and these are illustrated with high quality photographs illustrating the steps to follow. Each one also has a section of colour chips, showing all the various Lifecolor paints used in the builds. Another excellent little book, and once again edited by my old Military Modelling magazine editor, Ken Jones.
Thanks to the Airbrush Company for our review copy.