Life & Death on the Eastern Front

...Rare Colour Photographs from WW2, from Greenhill Books/Pen & Sword

Title: Life & Death on the Eastern Front
Author: Anthony Tucker-Jones & Ian Stewart Spring
Publisher: Greenhill Books
ISBN: 978-1-78438-723-5

This new 288-page hardback book is filled with original WW2 period colour photos collector Ian Spring's PIXPAST collection, with the text added by well known author Anthony Tucker-Jones.
The opening provides details of the Cameramen, which in this case tends to be ordinary soldiers, not the so much better known Kriegsberichter of the propaganda ministry. The bulk of the book is split into 3 main parts, The Ground War; War in the Skies; and Behind the Lines. Each of these is then sub-divided into numerous specific topics. Examples among these tackle the Panzers, of course, along with Beasts of Burden, the half-track carriers, Poor Bloody Infantry, Stalin's Debris, the Luftwaffe Fighters, Welcome Auntie (the Ju52), the Partisan War, the Medics and Enduring Russia's Winter amidst many more. Much more informal than the usually staged propaganda photos we see most frequently, these show vehicle colours, uniform details as well as the buildings and countryside the war was fought in.
A selection of just some from the huge collection of more than 32,000 colour images in the PIXPAST collection, this is the finest collection of original WW2 colour images I think I have ever see in one book, and not modern colorized versions of old B&W photos. Historians and modellers will like these for showing the real colours of the war on the Eastern Front, from the early days of 1941 through to the later years. Highly recommended.
Thanks to Greenhill Books/Pen & Sword for our review copy.