Leopard 2A4, Part 2

...Technology, from Tankograd

Title: Leopard 2A4 Part 2
Author: Ralph Zwilling
Publisher: Tankograd

Militarfahrzeug Spezial 5084 is the second of this new pair of books from author Ralph Zwilling and Tankograd on the subject of the well known Leopard 2A4. This second part examines the Technology of the vehicle plus the specific detail of the Driver Training variant. Perhaps worth noting that while part 1 had 66-pages, this one carries on the page numbereing sequence, taking it up to a total across the two books to 136 pages.
This one opens with a page of basic Technical Data and the detail of the various Production Batches. Then it moves on to explore the detail of each element of the tank. It goes through from the hull, chassis (running gear), hydraulic and NBC systems, fire warning, electrical, power pack, turret, armament and more. All text and captions hold much more detail, accompanyed by a marvellous collectiuon of very detailed colour images showing each element is it goes along. The final section looks at the particular Driver Training version, with the instructor's cab along with heavy weights and a dummy gun barrel so the hull still has the weight and characteristics of the turreted MBT that the drivers will have to deal with.
Another set of 1/35 scale drawings plus the great level of detail shown in the photos mean this is not just of interest to the armour enthusiast but it is an absolutely ideal reference for modellers who want to add super detailing to their kits, both inside and out. Excellent all round.
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