Leopard 2A4, Part 1

...Service History, from Tankograd

Title: Leopard 2A4 Part 1
Author: Ralph Zwilling
Publisher: Tankograd

Number 5083 in the Militarfahrzeug Spezial series from Tankograd is the first of 2 parts looking in detail at the German Leopard 2A4. This one, a 64-page softcover book from author Ralph Zwilling, tackles the Development and Active Service story of this well known MBT. With 2,125 examples of the 2A0 to 2A4 Leopards were built in 8 production batches, it was a very successful design which also attracted export customers.
It starts with the Development story, from the failure of the planned MBT 70 through the process of creating the success that the Leopard has been. As usual with this series, the text and the photo captions are provided in both German and English. Then it goes on to additional sections which look at individual units that operated the type, all of which are highly illustrated with some top quality colour images that show the tanks in use of a number of years. Coverage includes individual Reconnaissance, Armoured and Training Battalions as well as some specific exercises over the years.
As well as the basic yet detailed information in the text the photos are a pure goldmine for modellers. Markings, camouflage colours and patterns, netting and weathering plus a good set of 1/35 scale plans. Add this to the extra detail you will find in part 2 and you will have what I think is a first class reference for this important MBT of the modern era.
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