Leopard 2, NATO's First Line of Defence 1979-2020

...TankCraft 28, from Pen & Sword

Title: Leopard 2, NATO's First Line of Defence 1979-2020
Author: David Grummitt
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 978-1-52677-410-0

We have reached number 28 in the TankCraft series from Pen & Sword and this one returns to a modern subject, the highly successful Leopard 2, as its' subtitle says, 'NATO's First Line of Defence 1979-2020', and put together by David Grummitt, editor of Military Modelcraft International magazine. A softcover 64-page book which follows the basic format common to this popular series.
It starts with a few pages that provide the basic background of the German Leopard, from the early Leopard 1 through to the Leopard 2 and the various modification programs it has been through, including the most recent Leopard 2A7. Then it starts on a significant portion of the book, the Leopard 2 in Foreign service. A good number of countries other than Germany have bought the Leopard 2 as their MBT of choice, many with their own specific modification requirements. This is split by the inclusion of 9 pages of artwork, with some super colour profiles that illustrate the tank in service with various operators. This is followed by a Modellers Showcase with 6 expertly finished models of variants of the Leopard 2 by the author himself (2), along with Imad Bouantoun, Chris Jerrett (2) and Lester Plaskitt. Another 10 pages hold a comprehensive guide to the available model kits in various scales, along with conversions, accessories and decal sets which will be very useful for modellers who enjoy the subject. Then we get back to the details of more of the foreign operators before rounding things off with details of the Leopard 2 in Combat, which has frequently meant as a Peacekeeper over the years. The whole book is well illustrated throughout, with a useful collection of photos of the real thing alongside all the models in the showcase and products sections.
So written by a modeller, for modellers and a very good job he has done with it. Ideal for modellers of the Leopard 2 in use around the world, and some nice clear explanations of the detail differences between the different variants.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.