Legion Condor 1936-1939

...Air Campaign 16 from Osprey Books

Title: Legion Condor 1936-39
Author: James S. Corum
Publisher: Osprey
ISBN: 978-1-4728-4007-3

Number 16 in Osprey's Air Campaign series turns to the topic of the Legion Condor and the Spanish Civil War. A 96-page soft cover book presented in the usual Osprey style.
The book is split across 6 chapters, starting with Origins, which provides the background to the Civil War and then a helpful Chronology of significant events. Then it moves on to two more, one covering the Attackers Capabilities which details the contributions provided by the German Legion Condor, the forces of the Spanish Nationalists under Franco, and additional air force units from Italy. The other considers the Defenders Capabilities, the Republics and their support from Russia and the International Brigade. The bulk of the second half of the book is then devoted to the story of the Campaign before a final Assessment.
Plenty of period archive photos and more maps and artwork which are a signature of all these Osprey books. The variety of aircraft deployed by the Luftwaffe changed over the time they were involved, many of which were to gain fame later on in WW2. It is also clear how they used the war as a training ground for new equipment and tactics which was to stand them in good stead when it came to WW2. The various skills they displayed, including communication and working practices with their allies is also made clear.
An interesting and very readable book, another good addition to the Air Campaign series.
Thanks to Osprey for our copy.