Krupp Protze Lorry

...Camera On No.22 from MMP Books

Title: Krupp Protze Lorry
Author: Alan Ranger
Publisher: MMP Books
ISBN: 978-83-65958-79-2

Number 22 in the Camera On series from MMP Books, again with archive images from Alan Ranger's collections. An eighty page softcover book which showcases this Krupp truck design from the early 1930s which served in large number well into the war, as well as being used for a number of field modifications.
Following the few pages of text with the Introduction and background information on the very recognisable little truck the photos are split into sections for the L2 H 43, the L2 H 143 and at the end, a few pictures of the armoured command variant, the Sdkfz 247. Spread across these sections are the wooden bodied troop/cargo carrier, the enclosed body of the Command/Communication versions and the Gun Tractors. All are from the pre-war or early war period, so lots of overall panzer grey trucks. We see them with lots of good detail for modellers and all with informative captions.
This collection will please WW2 vehicle historians and modellers alike, with plenty of diorama ideas among them. I also liked to see archive images of the Command/Radio, armoured 3.7cm Pak and Sdkfz 247 versions which are all available as well detailed kits from Bronco Models. The basic gun tractors and troop carriers are also available as kits in various scales (1/76, 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35) which means this will be a welcome reference for many modellers/wargamers.
Thanks to MMP Books for our copy.