Junkers Ju 88 G

...TopDrawings 101 from Kagero, via distributor Casemate UK

Title: Junkers Ju 88G, TopDrawings 101
Author: Maciej Noszczak
Publisher: Kagero
ISBN: 978-83-66148-93-2

An aircraft subject for TopDrawings 101 and I admit to it being one of my favourites. Of all the Ju88 variants, and I've never worked out why, my favourite has always been the solid nosed versions, carrying distinctive radar aerials.
Another 20-page soft-cover book filled with more excellent scale plans. It opens with a one page, in English & Polish language, giving the background to the type. The Ju88G did away with the gondola under the nose and the tail was altered to a squared style, as on the Ju188. Designed to be a night-fighter from the outset it was a successful adaptation which had a number of sub-variants, which are featured amidst the plans. The centre four pages have some excellent colour artwork, with more on the back cover. The colour scheme illustrated is interesting to look at, though one of the more challenging ones to do on a model. The rest of the pages carry the collection of 1/72 scale drawings of the various sub-types, including assorted radar aerial configurations. The last couple of pages have a set of drawings which have shaded elements to indicate the visual changes from one variant to another. Then, tucked into the book are two additional, larger, sheets of paper which fold out to present scale plans in larger scales. One has them in 1/48 and the other in 1/32.
I am a fan of these books presenting scale plans in the mix of the most common aircraft modelling scales. Neatly presented and some handy references.
Thanks to the distributors, Casemate UK for our review copy.