Ilyushin Il-2

...Spotlight On 22, from MMP Books

Title: Spotlight On Ilyushin Il-2
Author: Victor Povinsky
Publisher: MMP Books
ISBN: 978-83-65958-68-6

A new addition to the Spotlight On series of hardcover books from MMP, number 22. This time covering the famous WW2 Russian ground attack airctaft, the Il-2.
This is a collection of really excellent colour profiles prepared by the author, presented over 41 pages, plus a couple more with the text that introduces the subject of camouflage and marking schemes used by Il-2 throughout the course of the war, and background on the changing types of paint used by the Russians. Each profile is accompanied by notes about the aircraft that is illustrated. There are both single and twin-seat variants and a good mix of camouflage colours and patterns, including some in winter white. Markings are varied, and I find many interesting to see with the large text slogans painted on the aircraft, rather like they did on so many of the AFVs.
Interesting for the aviation historian and especially for the modeller, providing plenty of inspiration. With the lovely 1/48 kit by Tamiya, I will expect this one to be popular.
Thanks to MMP Books for our example.