Ikarus IK-2

...Monograph Special Edition in 3D, No13 from Kagero, via Casemate

Title: Ikarus IK-2
Author: Aleksander M. Ognjevic, Branislav J. Mirkov
Publisher: Kagero
ISBN: 978-83-66148-62-8

A recent hardback from Kagero with number 13 in their series of Monograph Special Editions in 3D. The subject is one that is perhaps not one of the best known fighters of WW2, but as the first fighter to be designed and built in Yugoslavia in the 1930's. A gull-wing design with a fixed undercarriage, just 12 production aircraft were built in addition to the 2 prototypes.
There are few surviving records of the type so the authors have had to piece together what information they could find. The first 56 pages of the book is the text element, accompanied by a good selection of archive images, and gives the story of the background to the Royal Yugoslav air force, the development of the two prototypes and the 12 production machines. It goes on to tell us the service history of the aircraft during WW2, and includes the stories of various pilots who flew the Ikarus and also features the portrait photos of many of them. The second section of the book has 25 pages of scale plans for both the prototype and production versions and these are provided in both 1/48 and 1/72 scale. Added to this there are two much larger, fold-out sheets of 1/32 scale plans which you will find tucked within the pages. Then it moves on to the final section of the book, which is filled with first class 3D colour artwork to illustrate the detail of the aircraft along with a number of camouflage schemes as applied to many of the type. Also included among these excellent 3D colour artwork views there are also detailed images of the engine, instrument panel etc and sectional views of the airframe structure.
The Ikarus is an interesting and unusual looking design and I have a feeling this one may well prompt a number of modellers into having a go at adding it to their collection. Good looking scale plans and some super detail references to go with them. Since the end of WW2 and after the Cold War, we have seen Yugoslavia become split into the separate nations again, but this is a good reminder that there was once a united Yugoslavia whose people fought together rather than the individual, smaller nations that the country has broken into since.
Thanks to the distributors, Casemate, for this review copy.