How to Paint WWII German Winter Vehicles

...Solution Book 17, from Ammo by Mig Jiminez

Title: How to Paint WWII German Winter Vehicles - Solution Book 17
Author: David Perez
Publisher: Ammo by Mig Jiminez
ISBN: 978-84-17846-61-9

This 67-page soft-cover book is the latest in Ammo's Solution Book series, number 17 in fact. Modeller David Perez takes us through a detailed guide to his build of an RFM 1/35 Early Production Tiger I, naturally using Ammo products for all the painting and weathering effects. In the usual style of the series, it is presented with high quality colour images of each stage of the build, with icons used to indicate what is used where and the text is provided in four languages, English, French, German and Spanish.
The first 12 pages go over the various modelling products available in the Ammo range, including cements, filler, paints, washes, pigments, oil brushers and more. This also includes a page showing all the various icons used throughout the book indicating what to do at the appropriate points, used on the basis it is produced for an international customer base. From page 16 through to the end of the book, David Perez takes us through 13 stages to paint and weather an RFM 1/35 Early Tiger I. It begins with applying primer/base colour (Panzer Grey), then a layer of chipping fluid before a winter white top coat. He then explains to get the worn/chipped effects on the white camouflage coat. It moves on through the very helpful sequence of how & when to add all the other weathering effects towards the end result. Applying filters, washes, white streaks & spots, and then streaking, both grime and rust. Then there is white chipping before dust & earth, dry mud and then wet mud. The final three stages are weathering the wheels (which I thought was particularly useful), then oil & fuel stains before the final element, the tracks themselves, again something I though especially well described.
The book is available by itself, though it is also sold as part of a set which includes the various paint & weathering products described within the build, all from the Ammo range naturally, though obviously you could use other makes of products in the same way. Every stage of the book uses multiple high quality photos of the various details of the techniques in action. If you haven't used the various weathering products before you can buy the book with a set of appropriate Ammo products keyed to the book, but if you already have a good selection of the range, you can just buy the book by itself. I really like the books in this Solution Book series, and I always pick up some new tips and techniques from them, even after having been a modeller for nearly 60 years now.
Thanks to Ammo by Mig Jiminez for our review copy.