How to Paint Modern Russian Tanks

...Solutions Book 7 from Ammo by Mig Jiminez

Title: How to Paint Modern Russian Tanks
Publisher: Ammo by Mig Jiminez
ISBN: 978-84-17846-27-5

Solutions Book number 7 from Ammo, and this time taking on the topic of Modern Russian Tanks. Quite naturally it focuses on the use of the various painting and weathering material in the Ammo range, and in this case all used with a Trumpeter 1/35 T72B, a tank covered in multiple blocks of reactive armour and in a multi-colour camouflage scheme. A 67-page soft-cover book.
The book is filled with high quality images showing how the various stages of the work are completed, with the text sections all presented in 4 languages, English, Spanish, French and German. It also uses a standard set of helpful icons to assist the various descriptions along with the pictures. It doesn't talk about the basic kit build, but concentrates on the finishing stages. These are divided into 12 sequential steps - Primer; Chipping; Camouflage; Washes; Highlights & Shadows; Tracks; Wheels; Thin Mud; Dust & Earth; Grime; Mud; and finally Oil & Fuel Stains. Each illustrate step shows how to use their various paints, pigments, oilbrushers, streaking brushers, weathering effects, primers and so on. The final 2 pages show some handy colour profiles, illustrating 5 different vehicle types you might like to try these tips on.
I do like this series of Solutions Books from Ammo, very well produced on good quality paper, with excellent quality photos and modelling to a very high standard. There are plenty of tips to pick up for beginner and experienced modeller alike. The range of Ammo products has grown enormously over the years and this really does a good job of showing you how to use them in combination to achieve some very fine modelling effects.
Thanks to Ammo by Mig Jiminez for our copy.