How the RAF & USAAF Beat the Luftwaffe

...from Greenhill Books

Title: How the RAF & USAAF Beat the Luftwaffe
Author: Ken Delve
Publisher: Greenhill Books
ISBN: 978-1-78438-382-4

A book which is well focused on the conduct of the air war in Western Europe throughout WW2, and how the combined strengths of the RAF and the USAAF did eventually defeat the German Luftwaffe. A 203-page hardback book by author Ken Delve and Greenhill Books.
The narrative tells us the course of events from the outset of WW2, through the Battle of Britain and on through the move from daylight to night-time operations by the RAF, and then the second half of the war when the USAAF bomber formations continued the assault by day. In it all there are plenty of references to detailed historical records, along with many personal accounts from veterans on all sides. It isn't just a sequence of basic events, but considers the policies and strategy from the RAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe. How changes in policy altered over time and how some decisions were proved right and others wrong. There were times when loss rates could have proved unsustainable, both for the RAF and USAAF, let alone among the Luftwaffe fighter defences. There were changes in technology, as airborne radar and control systems were developed by both the RAF and Luftwaffe in particular. Coupled with these were the command and control support that they needed to work effectively.
Both fighter and bomber equipment and tactics are explored over the course of the war. From the Luftwaffe bombers attacking Britain and the RAF fighters defending against them in 1940, until it turned around in the second half of the war, when Allied 4-engined bombers took up the fight against defending Luftwaffe fighters. I felt this was a very readable and well balanced account of what happened in the air battles over Western Europe throughout WW2.
Thanks to Greenhill Books for the review copy.