...from Amber Books

Title: Horses
Author: Paula Hammond
Publisher: Amber Books
ISBN: 978-1-83886-017-2

Let me start off with this one with an old phrase, 'never say never'. This new book is somewhat outside my usual field of interest, with military history and modelling subjects, but this one caught my eye and is a little gem. A 224-page softcover book packed with high quality images for horses around the world. I do like making/painting wargaming figures, and in recent years these have largely been 28mm scale Napoleonic's and Ancients. They include subjects like chariots and a lot of cavalry. Even in WW1 & II there were still plenty of cavalry users so the subject of the horse is worthy of a bit more attention.
The book is packed full of superb colour photos of horse of all shapes and sizes, illustrating the wide variety of breeds from around the world. The subject is divided across 5 sub-topics, and these are Types of Horses; Horse Anatomy; Working Horses; Young Horses; and finally, Wild & Feral Horses. The photos show not only full pictures of horses of all sorts, but also the detail of specific parts such as eyes, hooves, manes, coats etc. It includes thoroughbred racehorses, working horses (shires), pack horses, long haired ponies and even the wild Mustangs of North America. What this provides is a super reference for modellers if you are painting horses for your cavalry, European or Asian and even the piebald pintoes for cowboys of the Wild West. I think this will allow the modeller to not just work on getting the right colours for uniforms, equipment and so on, but for the different types of horses used in different parts of the world, appropriate for their accompanying figures.
A good excuse for this is that other members of your family will enjoy seeing the lovely photos of horses in all shapes and sizes, but for the wargamer/modeller, it provides a really excellent reference for painting your next project with horses for cavalry, wagons, cowboys and more. Excellent, and a handy reminder to look at some books outside of your main area of interest.
Thanks to amber Books for our review copy.