Holland 1940

...Air Campaign 23, from Osprey Publishing

Title: Holland 1940
Author: Ryan K. Noppen
Publisher: Osprey
ISBN: 978-1-4728-4668-6

Number 23 in the Air Campaign series from Osprey, a 96-page soft-cover book in the usual style. Organised in a logical sequence, it features all the usual features we expect, with maps, battle scene artwork, birds-eye views and some interesting archive images.
Following the scene setting in the Introduction, the 5 chapters go on to cover Attacker's Capabilities; Defender's Capabilities: Campaign Objectives; the Campaign in detail and rounded off with an Analysis & Conclusion which I suspect may surprise some. I was interested to read about the early changes to the objectives set out in the German plans, which finally resulted in 'Unternehmen F'. I suspect many will know of the terror bombing of Rotterdam, but there was much more to it than that, as Fallschirmjager, paratroopers, were tasked with taking key points, such as vital bridges for the ground assault by Army Group B, and the assault on Den Haag.
The campaign lasted just 5 days, but the impact of aircraft and Fallschirmjager losses were set to be a warning for things to come, and particularly the impact on the fleet of Ju52 transport aircraft. A good opportunity to discover more on this important element of the German Blitzkrieg campaign in the West in 1940.
Thanks to Osprey for this review copy.