Hitler's Panther Tank Battalions 1943-1945

...Images of War from Pen & Sword

Title: Hitler's Panther Tank Battalions 1943-1945
Author: Ian Baxter
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 978-1-52676-545-1

Among the recent additions to the Images of War series is another from author Ian Baxter. As indicated by the title, this shows us a set of archive images associated with the Panther Tank Battalions of both the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS in the period from when the tank entered service in 1943, through to the end of the war.
A soft-cover book of 123 pages, it is neatly split into 4 chapters which contain the collections of archive photos plus 3 appendices of additional information on Panther Tank Specifications: Panther Variants: and Composition of a Typical Panzer Reconnaissance Grenadier Battalion, 1943-44. The main chapters cover Eastern Front Battles of 1943, including their first involvement at the Battle of Kursk. That is followed by Italian Warfare, 1943-44, then back to the Eastern Front, 1944 and rounds it off with The Last Year of the War, 1944-45. Each chapter starts with a couple of pages of background text then each with a series of images that showcase not just the Panther itself but also the various support vehicles which supported them within their units. An interesting variety of equipment and from the summers in Russia, France and Italy, as well as the cold and mud of winter in Russia and the Ardennes. I particularly liked the set of pictures showing a Panther along with a Fries Strabokran while others show the common use of natural foliage as camouflage.
A fine collection of photos, all with their own informative captions. Panzer enthusiasts will like it I think, and modellers will appreciate lots of the detail and ideas for dioramas that they will also find.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.