...No.28 in the Latin America @ War series from Helion & Co.

Title: Handbrake!
Author: Mariano Sciaroni & Alejandro Amendolara
Publisher: Helion & Co
ISBN: 978-1-915070-72-2

Number 28 in the LatinAmerica@War series from Helion & Co, a recent release well timed to fit with the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War. The title itself reflects a fact I don't remember hearing before, that 'Handbrake!' was apparently the Royal Navy codeword which was passed between ships if they detected the distinctive emissions from the Thomson-CSF/EMD Agave radar of the Exocet carrying Argentine Super Etendard aircraft. A 98-page soft-cover book, packed with full colour archive images throughout.
The book tells a detailed story of the Argentine operations with the French built Super Etendard and its' use of the Exocet anti-ship missile. A story of the Argentine 2nd Naval Air Fighter and Attack Squadron, a re-formed unit recently equipped with the French built Super Etendard, and equipped with the Exocet anti-ship missile. A small unit, with at the time just 10 pilots and 5 aircraft, of which only 4 were operational with the 5th used for spares, and just 5 operational Exocet missiles. No aircraft were lost, though and all missiles were used. The book tells the story of the unit before, during and after the Falklands war, with detailed descriptions of the missions they flew, along with supporting units, and a lot of personal accounts from both Argentine and Royal Navy personnel telling us what happened from their experiences. They had success in sinking both HMS Sheffield and the MV Atlantic Conveyer and it also details the story of their last operational mission, with the launch of their last Exocet on the 30th May 1982, when they were once again trying to target one the RN aircraft carriers, HMS Invincible. Thankfully for the Task Force they were unsuccessful. Archive photos, colour profile artwork and some clear maps that give a useful insight.
I still have distinct memories of the Falklands War and there is a lot in here that we never heard at the time. The personal accounts from participants on both sides, this made for very interesting reading. No hesitation in recommending this one for anyone with an interest in the story of the Falklands War.
Thanks to Helion & Co for our review copy.