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Halftrack Wrecks

...Special Halftrack Variant, from Desert Eagle Publications

Title: Halftrack Wrecks
Author: Michael Mass & Adam O'Brien
Publisher: Desert Eagle Publishing
ISBN: 978-965-7700-22-8

Special Halftracks used by the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) is number 3 in their series of titles focussing on wrecks, or to be more exact, old vehicles in storage yards prior to them being scrapped. An 82-page soft-cover book packed with modern photos of a series of long retired variants of the old M3 halftracks, seen in storage. The clear sunshine in the Middle East means the clarity of these photos is marvellous.
There are sections covering 5 very different variants created by the IDF using the old wartime M3 halftrack series, vehicles which remained in service until around the year 2000. The first two are fitters vehicles, usually assigned to armour units. The first is the 'Bambino', the Fitter Halftrack Type B, mounting a small lifting crane and with plenty of extra stowage for spares. Then there is the Eyal, the Fitter Halftrack Type C, which has a larger, higher capacity crane, a more capable machine. Each of these two sections are also accompanied by additional elements detailing the various markings they wore. Then there is an anti-riot machine, the Qhatzatzit, which is fitted with a catapult to throw gravel (stones roughly the size of marbles). Then the Zaqhlam, mounting a large compressor before the final element which covers the Zaqhlam, a patrol vehicle used on the Northern border by the SLA, the South Lebanese Army. Up-armoured and given new diesel engines the detail is the photos is pretty much perfect for the modellers among us.
This is a great book for any military vehicle enthusiasts, along with being an absolute goldmine for modellers. It has detail photos of some very unusual IDF conversions based on the old US M3 halftracks, and includes a couple I for one had never seen before. One of those books which when I first glanced through it made be think 'Wow!'. Recommended without reservation.
Thanks to Desert Eagle and their UK importers, the Aviation Book Centre for our review copy.


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