Gloster Gladiator

...TopDrawings 94, from Kagero, via Casemat

Title: Gloster Gladiator
Author: Marek Rys
Publisher: Kagero
ISBN: 978-83-66148-86-4

Another in a recent batch of releases in this series of soft-cover books from Kagero, and scale drawings of another classic biplane fighter of the RAF at the outset of WW2.
In this one there are scale drawings covering the Mk.1, 1 Trop, II, II Meteo, Sea Gladiator and licence-built Swedish J-8. A 24-page book with scale plans presented in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales, while you will find 2 large, fold-out sheets tucked into the book, more plans in the larger 1/32 scale. The four centre pages and the rear cover carry neat colour profiles showing both RAF and Finnish Air Force examples. All the information captions, and the initial introduction are as ever provided in both English and Polish languages. The Gladiator was obsolete but still in service at the start of WW2. They served in France in 1940, and near Southampton during the Battle of Britain. They were also supplied to Finland, where they were fitted with skis, along with the famous trio of Faith, Hope and Charity, 3 airframes used in the last ditch defence of Malta until new aircraft could get there.
Available via Casemate, the UK distributor. Thanks to Casemate for our example.