German Bomber Aircraft of WW2, 1939-45

...a new Technical Guide from Amber Books

Title: German Bomber Aircraft of World War II
Author: Thomas Newdick
Publisher: Amber Books
ISBN: 978-1-78274-971-4

The perfect companion to their Technical Guide on German Fighters of WW2, this time we have the guide to their Bombers and Transport aircraft from author Thomas Newdick. A very handy 128-page hardback book which makes a useful little reference to have on your bookshelf. Even those who are familiar with the well known bomber types will I think find some interesting bits and pieces in here, along with details of some lesser known transports, seaplanes, helicopters and suchlike.
The subject is broken down into 5 main sections, which follow the Introduction which sets the scene. These sections cover Bombers, Ground Attack & Reconnaissance Aircraft, Transports & Gliders, Seaplanes & Maritime Aircraft, and finally Helicopters. Each entry is accompanied by a neat colour profile artwork, and in many cases an archive photo or two. Naturally there are entries for well known aircraft such as the He III, the Ju 52, Stuka, Fw Condor, even the strange combination of the Mistel. In addition though there are others like the Me 264, a 4-engined bomber design, the Fiesler Fi-103R Reichenberg (a piloted V1), the asymmetric Bv 141, Junkers Ju 290 (another 4-engined bomber), Arado Ar 95 bi-plane seaplane, the Fiesler Fi 167 (designed for the Graf Zeppelin aircraft carrier) and the Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 Drache helicopter, plus many others.
I like these Technical Guides from the author and Amber Books, and this one couple with the Fighters title will make a really handy reference for Luftwaffe aircraft of WW2. Reasonably priced these are excellent value for money.
Thanks to Amber Books for our review copy.