German 88mm Gun vs Allied Armour, N Africa 1941-43

...Duel 109, from Osprey Publishing

Title: German 88mm Gun vs Allied Armour, North Africa 1941-43
Author: David Greentree & David Campbell
Publisher: Osprey Books
ISBN: 978-1-4728-4115-5

Number 109 in the Duel series from Osprey and this one examines the topic of the famous German 88mm gun and how it performed against Allied armour in North Africa during the fighting between when they arrived in 1941 and through to the final defeat of the DAK in 1943. An 80-page softcover book in the usual Osprey style.
Following an Introduction and then a couple of pages which present a Chronology of the main events, the rest is broken down into 6 quite logical sections dealing with the opposing equipment and tactics. These cover Design & Development; Technical Specifications; The Combatants; Combat: Analysis; and finally Aftermath. Lots of archive images to illustrate each topic, and more of the excellent artwork which Osprey are so popular for. Tactics, gun positions, ammunition, communications and of course the various tanks the 88mm had to deal with which it did so effectively. One of the photos shows a later Flak 41, abandoned along with the half-tracked tractor, a version I don't recall seeing before pictured in North Africa.
A very interesting read, looking at tactics and operational deployment as much as the simple technical differences between the early 2pounder armed British tanks, and then the later 75mm guns of the Grant, Sherman and Churchill. I think this will attract historians, modellers and wargamers who are interested in WW2 in North Africa.
Thanks to Osprey Books for our review copy.