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Finnish Trainer Colours 1930-1945

...from MMP books, via Casemate UK

Title: Finnish Trainer Colours 1930-1945
Author: Karl Stenman, Andrzel M. Olejniczak
Publisher: MMP Books
ISBN: 978-83-67227-09-4

A new addition to the MMP White Series of books. A 272-page hard-cover book
Another of these marvellous books from Polish based MMP/Stratus publishing, this time covering the wide variety of interesting types which served in the Finnish air force over these many years. It was only in December 1917 that Finland declared independence from Czarist Russian. It inherited some aircraft that were left behind on Russian bases, and other from Germany after they were defeated in 1918, at the end of WW1. As time went on there were more additions, including both French and English built machines among others. There are 7 sections following the Foreword, covering Aviation Schools, Basic Trainers, Advanced Trainers, Twin-engine Trainers, Gunnery Trainers, Liaison Aircraft and all rounded off with a final chapter dedicated to the topic of Camouflage and Markings. The sheer variety of aircraft types, some well known and others less so will be a great attraction for many of us, and I think modellers in particular as they make for such a great theme for a collection. Just to give you an idea, the aircraft featured include the Letov S-218A Smolik, Fw 44 J Stieglitz, Gloster Gamecock, Fokker D.XXI, Airspeed AS.6E Envoy, Koolhoven F.K. 52, Desoutter II and Fairchild 24G among a host of others. As well as informative text about what was used for what, where and when, there are a lot of archive photos and also a great number of pages of full colour profile artwork, illustrating each type.
In addition to the wide variety of types I was also quite taken with the even greater variety provided by different undercarriage versions, some wheeled, some with skis and others with floats. It is another very interesting addition to the White Series from MMP. As well as aircraft history enthusiasts, I think it will appeal to modellers in particular, as the mix and details of camouflage and markings are excellent, and speaking as a modeller myself, this will be tempting. A more unusual subject for this level of detail, and a good one to add to your reference shelf.
Thanks to Casemate UK, the UK distributor for MMP Books for the review copy.


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