Farewell BAOR

...The Last years of the British Army of the Rhine 1989-94, from Tankograd

Title: Farewell BAOR
Author: Walter Bohm
Publisher: Tankograd

The Last years of the British Army of the Rhine 1989-94, British Special no. 9032 from Tankograd Publishing. A 64-page soft-cover book in the familiar green cover that we are so familiar with from Tankograd. A marvellous collection of photos and information, with text and picture captions printed in both German and English languages.
This takes us back to the period immediately following the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Warsaw Pact. The long lasting threat of the Cold War, which had hung over Europe for so many years had finally disappeared, and the British government were not the only ones to see the potential for a 'Peace Dividend' and the chance to save some money. There are six main sections to the book, starting with the overall situation as the BAOR (British Army Of the Rhine) as we prepared to withdraw British troops from Germany. It was interrupted by the Gulf War, when BAOR played a significant part in Operation Granby, when so many of the green/black equipment of BAOR had to be repainted in a plan desert sand. Once that was over, the units did return to Germany, but prepared for the new 'Options for Change' policies before looking at the celebrations of the REME 50th Anniversary celebrations and the loss of the Soltau-Luneberg training area. Everything is rounded off by detailing the Command and unit structure as the service of BAOR was brought to an end.
A significant element of the book is of course the collection of archive images (all colour in this instance) along with their detailed captions, which illustrate some well known vehicles/AFVs that are now at of service, such as Chieftain, CET (Combat Engineer Tractor), Challenger 1, Ferret and the many Bedford trucks. Other still remain in service (MLRS, CVR(T) etc. I think fans of this one will quite naturally include modellers thanks to the detail and weathering references, while a lot of ex-servicemen will enjoy this chance to look back to their days in service alongside the equipment we are looking at in here.
Thanks to UK importer Bookworld for our review copy, and who are the importer for Tankograd publishing.