Fairey Swordfish

...TopDrawings 95, from Kagero, via Casemate

Title: Fairy Swordfish
Author: Anirudh Rao
Publisher: Kagero
ISBN: 978-83-66148-87-1

Number 95 in the TopDrawings series of softcover books by Kagero. This one has 20 pages, plus 2 additional larger, fold-out sheets with the larger scale 1/48 plans.
The book starts with a page of text giving the background to the Swordfish, perhaps the most famous Fleet Air Arm aircraft of WW2. A slow biplane with an open cockpit for the 3-man crew, it had a successful service life at a time when it was really rather outdated. As usual, the text throughout is provided in both English and Polish. The plans in the main pages of the book are in 1/72 scale, and they show the Mks I, II, III and IV. The Mk IV, built in Canada, was built for training and is that bit more unusual for having an enclosed cockpit. Armaments shown include rockets and torpedoes. It is also illustrated with wings both extended and folded as well as a float equipped version. As usual, the 4 centre pages and the back cover hold some interesting colour profiles, and these include one in US markings, as applied for Operation Torch.
The drawings will be great for modellers, and include the rigging layout. There are some fine models on the market, such as from Airfix, so another good modellers reference.
Thanks to the UK distributor, Casemate Books, for our copy.