D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors

...Bolt Action Campaign, from Osprey and Warlord Games

Title: Bolt Action Campaign D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors
Author: Osprey Game & Warlord Games
Publisher: Osprey Books
ISBN: 978-1-4728-3912-1

This new Second Edition of these wargame rules and scenarios makes for a fine addition to the Bolt Action games, published by Osprey along with Warlord Games. A soft-cover book of 192-pages there is lots in here to like. This book covers the D-Day campaign for the immediate period after the landings themselves, and focuses on the British & Canadian Sectors.
The first 78 pages of the book detail 13 different game scenarios, closely following actual events, translated into self-contained game scenarios that include appropriate units, clear objectives and victory requirements as well as a good idea of how long it should take to play to reach a result. These are then followed in the rest of the book with more detailed rules and specific units and weapons that make an appearance in this part of the Normandy battles. Even small details struck me, such as the morale effect of the presence of a Chaplain with Allied units. Add the beautifully finished figures/vehicles/scenery seen in photos throughout the book and the detail and guidance for painting different uniforms thanks to the marvellous library of Osprey artwork available to them, I think any modeller will enjoy this.
Beautifully presented and historically well detailed, the scenarios such as Villers-Bocage, Operations Epsom, Goodwood, Totalise and Tractable, along with the battle of the Douvres Radar station, a V-weapon site raid and the final battle of Panzer Ace Michael Wittmann. Scenarios which vary from open countryside to the bombed ruins of the city of Caen. Having visited many of these places for real, I was impressed by just how well detailed this book is, some amazing work getting it all sorted into a playable game format is first class. I think gamers and modellers alike would enjoy this.
Thanks to Osprey for our review copy.