Corregidor, Siege & Liberation, 1941-45

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Title: Corregidor, Siege and Liberation 1941-45
Author: John Grehan & Alexander Nicoll
Publisher: Frontline Books
ISBN: 978-1-52679-975-3

A new Images of War title from Frontline Books, a photographic record of this famous Island Fortress in the Pacific War, always especially associated with General MacArthur. A 202-page softcover book just packed with a marvellous collection of archive images, as well as some more recent photos showing the island more recently.
The island of Corregidor covers the entrance to the port of Manilla in the Philippines. Fortified by the US, as Fort Mills, it became a target for the Japanese as they advanced across the Pacific. Despite MacArthur's determination to hold the position, the Japanese lay siege to the island and eventually landed, and forcing the US garrison to surrender, although MacArthur himself was ordered to leave the island before it fell, and there are stories of other servicemen who escaped rather than surrender. One story in the books is of one group who sailed a 30' cutter over 2,000 miles to Darwin, rather than become prisoners. There were many prisoners taken by the Japanese when the fortress finally surrendered, and they also captured a lot of equipment and artillery positions. It was just 3 days short of 3 years later that the US forces attacked the island with air raids and naval bombardment before airborne and seaborne assaults fought to regain control of Corregidor. MacArthur was able to fulfil his promise and he did return. The book details the story with a large number of photos, all with extensive captions that tell the story in even more detail.
The Japanese did not treat their prisoners well, and the state of some of them is evident on some of the photos when they were rescued. Even to this day the real number of Japanese casualties is not certain, as it is believed that many bodies remain sealed inside blocked side tunnels within the extensive Malinta Tunnels. The ruins of the huge barracks on Topside remain today, a graphic reminder of the events that took place there all those years ago. Another excellent addition to the Images of War series, and a good mix of the story in the text, illustrated by an impressive selection of archive photos.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.