British Sloops & Frigates of the Second World War

...ShipCraft 27, from Seaforth Publishing

Title: British Sloops & Frigates of the Second World War
Author: Les Brown
Publisher: Seaforth Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-5267-9387-4

Number 27 is a new addition to the ShipCraft series for modellers and warship enthusiasts alike. A 64-page softcover book in the usual ShipCraft format and style. Rather than the glamour of the large battleships or aircraft carriers, this one focuses on the great variety of smaller sloops and frigates, which played such an important role in escorting convoys, hunting submarines and so much more.
The first section, of 16 pages, covers the Design & Construction of the various classes of both sloops and frigates. I suspect it might surprise those who are unfamiliar with the subject just how many different classes of vessel there were, their various types of powerplant, the number of screws and of course their armament and other equipment. On top of these there were more which were supplied by America thanks to the Lend-Lease arrangements. These included a good number of both the Evarts and Buckley Classes, which became the Captain class in the Royal Navy. Plenty of useful archive images are also included. The next 12-pages list a wide variety of Model Products, in a mix of scales and a wide range of different manufacturers. This leads naturally into a Modeller's Showcase section with 13 super builds by a mix of fine modellers and a variety of scales. Next comes even more for the modeller, with 5-pages of colour artwork offering an interesting selection of camouflage schemes. Then it is back to the real thing, with notes on Camouflage, as well as Operations & Tactics, along with more archive photos. Everything is rounded off with another 6-pages of line drawings with the various classes of vessel.
As with the rest of this series, it is of course firmly aimed at interesting the modeller and this one hits the target spot on. Some lovely models included in the Showcase and plenty of ideas. The multi-colour camouflage schemes make for some attractive inspiration for naval modellers. One that has grabbed my interest in particular recently has been the Buckley class escort, thanks largely to it having featured in one of my favourite old films, 'The Enemy Below', with Robert Mitchum and Curt Jurgens. This latest ShipCraft title has certainly sparked my interest into these workhorses of the navy in WW2. Certainly recommended.
Thanks to Seaforth Publishing for the review copy.