British Naval Weapons of WW2, Vol III

...Coastal Forces Weapons, from Seaforth Publishing

Title: British Naval Weapons of WW2, Vol III
Author: Norman Freeman
Publisher: Seaforth
ISBN: 978-1-5267-7710-2

Featuring Coastal Forces Weapons, this is the third volume of the set featuring the amazing plans of the John Lambert Collection. Introduced and given context by well known author Norman Friedman, the jewel of the book is the collection of scale plans/drawings by the late John Lambert.
A large format 208-page hardcover book, the first 64 pages are filled with background/historical information on the development of Coastal Patrol/Torpedo boats from WW1 through the interwar period and on to WW2. It provides the background and operational work of the Royal Navy Coastal Forces, along with their weaponry. The remainder of the book is packed full of the marvellous collection of drawings that were completed by John Lambert, a stunning collections that is now in the hands of Seaforth Publishing. I was interested to read that rather than drawings being done to a specific or common scale, they tended to be drawn in order to fit the size of the paper that John always used. Hence there is a mix thanks to some being for complete vessels and others being just a specific weapon/mounting. Add the notes which accompany the drawings and they fit the pages well. Seaforth have worked hard to reproduce the plans across pages without losing detail in the central gutter, so good clear reproductions of the plans. Far too many to list them all, but boats drawn in full include the likes of the Thorneycroft 71ft 9in MTB, Vosper 73ft, British Power Boat 70ft MASB and the Fairmile Type D and more. Weapons include various torpedoes and their launchers, mines, depth charge throwers, a great variety of guns, radars and more. Amazing drawings.
This will interest the naval historian while it is a goldmine for modellers, both for small scale modellers as well as those who like larger scale models suitable for radio control on a boating lake.
A beautiful collection and very neatly presented. First class and definitely recommended.
Thanks to Seaforth Publishing for our review copy.