Battle of the Atlantic 1942-45

...the Climax of WW2'sGreatest Naval Campaign, from Osprey Books

Title: Battle of the Atlantic 1942-45
Author: Mark Lardas
Publisher: Osprey Books
ISBN: 978-1-4728-4153-7

Air Campaign 21 is the second volume on the subject of the Battle of the Atlantic, this one covering the years from 1942 - 1945. This 96-page soft-cover book takes us through the second half of WW2. The U-boat war was the one battle that carried on throughout the whole of the war, and one which Winston Churchill said he considered the greatest threat to the British Isles. Many things changed over the course of the war, for both sides, and Allied air power played an increasingly prominent role, working with surface warships. Packed with interesting to read detail, along with archive images, some beautiful artwork that includes specific battle maps and charts showing details like the changes to areas where shipping was lost, and where U-boats were sunk.
The book is split across an Introduction, a Chronology of events and 5 chapters which tackle Attackers' Capabilities: Defenders' Capabilities: Campaign Objectives: the Campaign itself over this later half of the war, and finally an Analysis. The chapters are broken down into sub-sections and there are a good number of tables listing Orders of Battle for the Royal Navy, the US Navy, the Fleet Air Arm, the U-boats and more. Changes in technology were taking place on both sides, as each one came up with new developments to counter the threat from the new developments of their enemy. Despite their losses, there were plenty of operational U-boats still in service or on the stocks at the end of the war. Technology that would be much prized by the victors.
Quite appropriate for the story of a long battle between aircraft and submarines, there were ups and downs for both sides, but ultimately the Allies did eventually defeat the German U-boat arm, and it was aircraft, systems, warships and different countries working together that made it possible. A super second volume from author Mark Lardas and some great artwork by Edouard A. Groult and Osprey Publications.
Thanks to Osprey of our review copy.