Artillery Warfare 1939-1945

...from Pen & Sword

Title: Artillery Warfare 1939-1945
Author: Simon & Jonathan Forty
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 978-1-52677-678-5

This new 224-page hardback book splits the subject of Artillery Warfare in WW2 across 7 chapters plus some informative appendices. WW1 had seen a great change in the use of artillery and turned it into much more of a science. By WW2 those developments had gone even further, not only with the development of new weapons but also with new ammunition and fuses all adding to it. The greatest part of the book is taken with a fine collection of archive images, illustrating the weapons employed by many nations.
The books opens with a brief Preface and Introduction, along with a very handy piece on Abbreviations and Glossary which I think many readers will find interesting by itself. Then the subject is divided into the 7 chapters, covering Field Artillery: Self-Propelled Artillery: Anti-Tank Artillery: Anti-Aircraft Artillery: Big Guns: Rockets: and finally, Ammunition. At the end there are some equally interesting appendices, using extract from wartime US Army Intelligence pamphlets covering things like Emplacing Guns and constructing Observation Posts among other things. A host of archive photos throughout the book and each with helpful captioning.
This has nice clear explanations on so many things, such as the differences between a 'gun' and a howitzer for example, and useful notes on things like colours used on different types of shell. There are plenty of ways you could divide up the subject, but this one works quite well. For modellers and military historians alike I felt this is a good, clear explanation of the many different types of artillery which were used by the combatants all around the world during WW2. More than happy to recommend this one.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.