Arab Armour vs Israeli Armour, Six-day War 1967

...Duel Series number 110 from Osprey Publishing

Title: Arab Armour vs Israeli Armour
Author: Chris McNab
Publisher: Osprey Books
ISBN: 978-1-4728-4267-9

The Six-Day War is the topic for number 110 in Osprey's Duel series. A time when Syria, Jordon and Egypt all fought the small state of Israel, and lost, in such a short period of time. An 80-page soft-cover book in the usual Osprey format and style. I am of an age to remember it happening, but of course for so many of you reading this, it all happened way before you were born, now 54 years ago.
The Introduction sets the scene rather nicely before leading into a naturally short Chronology of events. The first main section examines the Design & Development work of all sides, as neither Israel nor the Arab states developed their own tanks at that time, and relied on foreign designs, though some were upgraded in one way or another. It wasn't quite a simple split between Western and Soviet designs, as it explains how there was a bit more of a mixture, among the Arab states in particular. The Strategic Situation uses a fine map to help explain the situation, where the fighting took place in 3 rather different areas, from the Sinai Peninsula, to the Jordanian front and the Golan Heights. Then we get to the Technical Specifications of the assorted AFVs used by both sides, some of which were WW2 vintage, and others were more Cold War era types. Added to this are details of the Combatants, and the skills and commanders on all sides before we get an account of the Combat itself in the Sinai, Jerusalem & Samaria along with the Golan Heights. Everything is rounded off with a neat Analysis that also includes some tables comparing not just tank losses on both sides, but also the disparity between the number of vital Close Air Support missions, which played an important part in the successes of the IDF.
With the informative text there are a good selection of archive images plus the super artwork we always expect to see from Osprey. The mix of tank types, from the Centurions. AMX-13, M48 and Sherman M50/M51 of the Israelis to the WW2 vintage T-34/75, JS3 and even the Pz IVs in Syria, to the modern US M47 & M48 along with T-54/55 being used in large numbers as well. An interesting read and some handy inspiration for modellers as well.
Thanks to Osprey for our review copy.