Air Wars Between Ecuador and Peru, Vol2

...Number 17 in the Latin America at War series from Helion, via Casemate

Title: Air Wars Between Ecuador & Peru, Vol.2
Author: Amaru Tincopa
Publisher: Helion & Co
ISBN: 978-1-913118-70-9

Number 17 in the Latin American at War series, a 64-page soft-cover book and the second volume looking at the long running border disputes between Ecuador and Peru, disputes which broke out into a shooting war again.
As a European who has had a lifelong interest in military history I am quick to admit I knew little of nothing about this conflict beforehand. The book opens with the background to an air war that broke out between these two neighbours back in 1981. Apparently a dispute which date back to the days of the Spanish conquerors nearly 200 years ago and the arrangements they left behind them. Even after an earlier conflict in 1941, the agreements that settled that did not apparently settle anything for the two opposing parties. In January 1981 it again broke out into a shooting war, although it didn't last too long. Following the Introduction which sets the scene for the eruption of this new conflict, it breaks down into six other chapters, covering The Ecuadorian Air Force 1941-1981; The Peruvian Air Force 1941-1981; Escalation, which was to turn into a shooting war; Aerial Operations 27 January to 4 February 1981; Aerial Operations 18-20 February 1981 and rounded of in Aftermath. Using reports from both sides it provides a detailed account of the sequence of events. Throughout it is illustrated with maps, many archive images along with a set of excellent colour artwork profiles. These combine to show the wide variety of aircraft types that were involved on both sides and it is a mixture which I think will interest both the aviation historian and modeller alike. A real mix of European, American and Soviet built aircraft/helicopter types. Mirages, Migs, Cessna A-37, Jaguars and Canberras among others.
I found this another good addition to the Latin America at War series, both as a military history enthusiast and a modeller. I learnt some good detail on a conflict I hadn't known about before and plenty to interest the modeller in me as well. Like so many other disputes between neighbours around the world, I feel it is such a shame that they cannot find a lasting solution that doesn't damage their own peoples and kill each others soldiers/airmen. More good value in this series.
Thanks to Casemate Books, the distributor for Helion & Company, for our review copy.